Five “Back to school” Card Ideas! (to help your student celebrate!)

We all know that the Back-to-School season is going to be a little different this year…

But that means there’s an even BIGGER reason for us to get our kiddos excited about learning!!! How can we do that?

Why not make them a super-fun, adorable back-to-school card? 

I’m sending one to each of my grandkids because I know that—despite the challenges, they’ll face with online learning and everything else—I still want them to be eager and enthusiastic when it comes to their schooling. 

Let’s do our part and encourage this next generation that learning never stops! Check out these 5 fun cards for inspiration before you make your own 🙂 

Pencil & Stars

Wow! 😍 😍  This card is stunning! First, it’s a shaker, second, the color combinations are so bright and happy, you can’t help smiling! 

Photo Credit: Gingerwilliams

Pencil Pouch

Check out this cool layout that includes BONUS pencils. My granddaughter will surely love this card ❤️❤️

Photo Credit: pink buckaroo designs


This chalkboard inspired card is beautiful ❤️ Perfect for those of us who like working with our alcohol markers 😉 

Photo Credit: sweetnsassystamps

Water Colors

Super cute! 😍 and sure to make everyone smile. Plus, I love that watercolor background!

Photo Credit: Marypolancodesigns


Saving the cutest for last!! This card is made with real crayons, a button, a sentiment, and a little bit o’ paper. Easy to pull together and sure to brighten up your kid’s first day of school! 

Photo Credit:

Support Your Local Craft Store 🙂

(See it on Etsy and support your local craft gals!)

Until next week,
we wish you happy scrapping! 

❤️ Love, hugs, and washi tape,
Kathy & Sarah
(The crazy mother/ daughter behind Scrapbooking Daily)

PS. This is my brain ALLLL the time! 

Photo Credit: Plannermemes

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