How to make Origami Trees For Layouts

This video shows you how to make folded trees for Christmas ornaments. But…..what if, instead of making these into ornaments, you used these to add dimension to your pages and cards instead.

So grab some fun green patterned papers and one red one and get ready to make cute trees.

You will need a ruler and a rotary cutter or paper cutter and a cutting mat. To make the ornament you will need gold wire, sharp sewing needle, toothpick, wire cutters and small pliers to make the curly cue at the top. And some glue to hold the folds.

Paper measurements are as follows:

The measurements to create this ornament:
(1) 2″ square
(1) 2.5″ square
(1) 3″ square
(1) 3.5″ square
(1) 5/8″ x 12″ strip

Once you get the basic shape down, it’s pretty quick to make a bunch of these. They really are cute and I actually like them as ornaments. Great way to use up some of your extra scrap papers.

Have fun!

Team Scrapbooking Daily