[❤️ FOR CRAFTS ONLY ❤️] June 15th Best Cards & Scrapbook Finds of the Week!

It’s the bright spot in your day… the thing you look forward to all week…

That’s right: I’m talking about your craft room. 

That’s why we’ve pulled together a whole bundle of inspiration, to get your creative fires burning before the weekend hits! 

Read on to discover our “Best Of the Week” photos, projects, and ideas!

Scrap Project of the Week:

Beautiful! 😍 This album is sooo stunning!
It would be perfect for a little girl or a wedding.

Card of the Week:

Ahh! Found this tri-fold card and thought it was gorgeous! (Had to share) ❤️

Quote we Loved 😍

I totally agree with this! ❤️

What You Might Have Missed…

Our Favorite Instagram Scrap Post: 

This scrappage looks absolutely stunning ❤️❤️❤️
The hand-painted background is my favorite part!

Our Favorite Instagram Card:

Check out this gorgeous card! ❤️  Such a soft and beautiful design! (PLUS I have a glass jar stamp that I could 100% use to mimic this design!)    

Cool Thing We Found!

Wow!! Check out this cool planner! It’s so cute.
And the bulletin board type layout is genius! ❤️
(*sigh* one day I will be this organized! Until then, I daydream)

Until next week, we wish you a happy scrapping! 

❤️ Love, hugs, and washi tape,
Kathy & Sarah
(The crazy mother/ daughter behind Scrapbooking Daily)

Ah-ha! That explains everything! 😂😂

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