(Video) Gatefold Mini Album

You’ll love this mini album. With printables that you can take to an office supply store or do at home, pre-printing with all the colors makes it a lot faster to put together. No inking or coloring ( sometimes that’s the fun part;).

Lot’s of cool embellishments for this album too. With a three different styles of pockets it will keep it fun and interesting.

You need very few supplies for this. Most of the cost is in the printing of the album itself, and of course whatever you want to use to embellish with.

You will need a scoring board and a bone folder. If you need one, go here. Click here!

This is so cute. If you don’t want to use the colors that come with the printable, use it as a template and make your own colors with scrap paper that you have .

Have fun with this! It is an awesome album to make. Time to complete is about 3 hours. Not bad!

To grab the printables for this project, go here. Click here!

Happy Scrapping!

Team Scrapbooking Daily

Grab a scoring board and bone folder here if you need one.

Resource: Love PaperCrafts.com