DIY flowers you can make

Easy to make flowers with punches.

Paper punched flowers









Photo courtesy of Treasure in an Earthen Vessel

Grab all those punches you have stuffed in drawers (or on your own ‘wall of punches”) and see which shapes you can use to make your flowers.

Paper punches






Photo courtesy of Treasure in an Earthen Vessel

You can glue your flowers together, or layer them, pierce a hole in the center, and put a brad through the hole to make a cute center detail and hold them together without glue…. there is an example of the brad in the bottom picture on the left.

Simple and easy and a great way to use up all those scraps of paper you have sitting around just waiting to be transformed into something beautiful.

Make sure to see the canvas art that was made. Very cute and easy. It may give you ideas on how to create your own.

For all the directions and gobs more photos, go here. Click here!

Happy scrapping!

Team Scrapbooking Daily

Featured image courtesy of Treasure in an Earthen vessel