Don’t scrap without reading this!

Quick and easy way to get your memories down fast

Not creative? Think it’s too hard to scrap? No time you say? No place to spread out for weeks on end?

Here’s the solution for you.

Take a pre-packaged ready-to-go approach to scrapping.
All you need are a few supplies. Add photos and little scraps of memories and just start !

Memories are much easier to re-live when they are not stuck in a drawer. I put the SMASH book to the test on our last vacation. We spent a week in England.

Just grab a Smash Book® by K&Company® and get going.

Smash book

During the vacation, whenever I accumulated ticket stubs, brochures or receipts, I would stuff them into the zip-lock in my bag, and every evening when the day was winding down I would take a few minutes to add those items to the book.

Along with the scraps of the day, I would use pages from the SMASH pad to document the day’s events. I recorded my thoughts and interesting facts, and added those to the book also. Since I knew how many photos I took that day, I  would leave as many pages as I thought I would need to add the photos when I got home.

All done in record time.


smash book




You’ll want to see all the tips and techniques used to make this book in record time.

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Happy Scrapping!

Team Scrapbooking Daily

Resource: Crafts Unleashed

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