Flip Book with DIY Tabs

Turn a 12 page layout into a 2 page scrapbook layout.

Take a peek at how this designer uses a cool tool called the Tab Punch. Create your own “flip book” on your scrapbook page to include more photos in a unique way.

Fill book for Scrapbooking

Photo courtesy of WeR Memory Keepers

This page layout would be great for vacation photos, birthdays, and especially Christmas where you want to include more photos but don’t want to make 20 pages of one event.

I layered my photos, staggering them to allow room for the tabs, and then I attached them with washi tape at the top so I can flip through them.  Once I store this page in my album I can either pull it out to view the photo flip book, or I can cut a window the size of my flip book into my page protector with a craft knife to allow for easy access.

They have more suggestions on how to use the tab punch for other things as well.

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Happy scrapping!

The team at Scrapbbooking Daily.