[FOR CARD MAKERS ONLY] Christmas Cards in July

Some of you might think I’m crazy to be talking about Christmas cards in July… (**AHEM, my husband**) 

… others 100% feel me when I say I HATE waiting till the last minute to make Christmas cards. And if I find a few elaborate, fancy designs that I want to make for family & friends…

… well, those beauties take time! 

That means every July I start pulling together ideas for Christmas cards! Not only does it make my favorite holiday seem a little closer, but it also means I get to troll through Pinterest with the single-minded devotion of a cat chasing a laser pointer. 

(While my husband would say “Addiction,” I prefer to call it dedication 🙂 

Since that’s all I’ve been doing this week (okay, plus laundry… when does that ever end?), I’ve decided I must share with you my top-finds!!! 

Get ready to feel the season with my favorite 7 Christmas card inspiration ideas…and possibly more to come!     

Pink & Gold

Check out this gorgeous card!! The pink and gold combination looks stunning and is so unusual so was one of my favorites!

Photo Credit: Danias_Doodles


This Christmas card is simple but elegant! I love the Snowflakes die cut and the paper layers! PLUS as a bonus,
these would come together pretty quick 🙂  

Photo Credit: Simple Stories

Mr Snowman

Want to spend a little more time creating a very special card??? Then this beauty might be for you 💕  With its traditional feel, festive colors, and cheery message, who wouldn’t LOVE to get this in the mail? 

BTW: Cards like this are why I start in July! They’re stunning but time-consuming… and worth every moment! 

Photo Credit: Handmadebymama1


For those of you who are artsy [*ahem, not me*] you could always try your hand at hand-painting/ lettering! 😍😍  Such beautiful work will definitely be noticed!

Photo Credit: deepsdesigns

Purple Accent 

This card has three of my Favorite Things: Christmas, Purple Accents, and it’s a Shaker!!! So much love for this card! (This one might be my personal winner!) 

Photo Credit: pennytokensstampinspot


Because we all know that classic designs never go out of style! (and the poinsettias are so very beautiful) 

Photo Credit: Scrappychick101

Pop-up Box

Saving the best for last! I always wanted to create a pop-up box card like this for Christmas because I know everyone would think, “WOW!”

Photo Credit: kittiekraft

BONUS Card (‘Cause you can’t have too much Christmas!) 

Make the card. Get the stamp set! And Support Your Local Craft Store…

(See it on Etsy and support your local craft gals!)

Until next week,
we wish you happy scrapping! 

❤️ Love, hugs, and washi tape,
Kathy & Sarah
(The crazy mother/ daughter behind Scrapbooking Daily)

PS. Okay, I saw this, died laughing, and HAD to share it with you 🙂 …
maybe I can relate.  

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