Happy Birthday Album Walk thru

This is a really cute Birthday Album walk thru. Full of special touches for photos and surprise pockets.


You take a simple album with black pages and embellish with chalk markers, pens, lots of folding pockets and cascades for your photos.

One of the pages has a peek-a-boo picture card placed inside. When you open it, another photo slides into place. Really cute!

I like the idea of spelling out the recipient’s name and journaling on the back side of the letter.

A couple of pages have pockets with large tags that contain photos. You could also add journaling tags or make some with ephemera ( tickets of shows you went to, a special dinner out, games you attended, just about anything).

A very simple explosion card filled with photos and journaling was also added in.

This is where a lot of card making techniques would work really well. Just adhere to the pages of your album and have fun.

Full of fun ideas, I hope you find inspiration here and get started on your own albums.

Have fun!

Team Scrapbooking Daily