How to Make a Baby Book

Pull out those adorable photos of your little ones and start scrapping.

Here are some helpful hints on what to do and how to get started.

Scrapbook elements

Scrapbook elements

Organizing Chronologically
As with any album, you can organize your baby book in lots of different ways. My recommendation is to organize baby photos chronologically.

When you open your album, you’ll notice the first page is a single, and the next pages are double-page spreads—meaning the open book shows two pages side by side. I organized my daughter’s baby book chronologically, making that first single page an “introductory” page, with her name, birthdate and place of birth. Here’s an overview of a standard baby album.

Making a Gift Book. A baby book makes a wonderful gift for the non-scrapping (or simply tired) parents. You can organize the album the same way I’ve listed above. You can write the journaling from your point of view, or interview the parents. You might also leave some journaling spaces blank, so the parents can add their own words later.

Making a Baby Book Years After. Maybe you’re making a baby album for your adult child. Or maybe you didn’t have a baby book of your own, and want to create one. When scrapbooking years after the birth, you might find you don’t have many photos or a lot of journaling. Can it still be done? Of course! You might need to estimate on dates of certain photos: “About six months old, 1950” instead of “Six months old, September 22nd, 2005”, for example. Yet you can still capture the memories of that special time. Interview relatives. Look online for historical facts from the baby’s birth year. And looking back, it’s always interesting to include what kind of person that baby grew up to be—future doctor, lawyer or scrapbooker?

These are just a few of the hints and ideas shared by Paper Wishes.

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Happy Scrapping!

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