The week’s BEST Card & Scrapbook Inspiration! [Week of July 5th]


I had another fun week of scrap & card MANIA!!!  (so basically… all Pinterest, all the time + using wayyyy too much tape in my tape runner!) In celebration, I’ve gathered together my favorite posts and ideas of the week to share with you! 

Hope this inspires you to create something amazing this weekend! 

Scrap Project of the Week:

**SCRAP PAGE IDEA**] The flowers!!! So pretty!
This scrappage is a must-make 😍😍

Card of the Week:

I love the details of this card.
The flowers, plus the color combination is so beautiful! 💖

Quote we LOVED 😍

I rescue them! 😂

What You Might Have Missed…

My Favorite Instagram Post: 

Check out this colorful and beautiful food/ art/ travel journal! I’ve seen tons of these little pocket scrapbooks popping up and, I’ve got to say, they’re growing on me 😍

I love the watercolor background (makes me wish I could paint!) and the cute butterfly makes it even more stunning!! I want one 🙂

My Favorite Instagram Card:

Okay, who wouldn’t love getting this card??? The combination of multi-stamped flowers and gold splatter on the background is absolutely beautiful! [**happy sigh**] 😍😍

Cool Thing I now HAVE to Make!

Oh my goodness!! This shaker tags collection is gorgeous! As you all know, I’m a sucker for all things Shakerrr. (and I will add this to my bucket list 💕 )

Give yourself some bling and Support Your Local Craft Shop 🙂

Until next week, we wish you happy scrapping! 

❤️ Love, hugs, and washi tape,
Kathy & Sarah
(The crazy mother/ daughter behind Scrapbooking Daily)

PS. Yes to more sparkly things please! 💖💖💖 This is ½ the reason I craft 🙂

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