The week’s BEST Card & Scrapbook Inspiration! [Week of June 29]

Get ready to feel INSPIRED!!! 

This week, we’ve gathered our very fun, colorful, jaw-dropping Best of the Week Inspiration. 

Check out the list below and get ready to create your own stunning scrapbook pages and cards! 

Scrap Project of the Week:

Got tags? Scrap paper? Make something AMAZING like this album! 😍

Card of the Week:

[**CARD INSPIRATION**] 😍😍 OMG This coffee mug card made with sequins is stunning!! (Plus, they flip colors when you run your hand over them 🙂 )

Quote we LOVED 😍

Be the Glitter. You are the Glitter! ❤️😂\

What You Might Have Missed…

Our Favorite Instagram Art Post: 

Wow!!! Check out this beautiful album! The mix of pastel colors makes it stunning. Big plus? It’s a shaker!!
(you all know I go weak in the knees for shakers  🙂 )

Our Favorite Instagram Card:

OMG, I love the teal and brown combination. This card would be perfect for Christmas or any occasion where you want to send an elegant hello ❤️

Cool Thing We Found!

This mini-album is so gorgeous!! The idea of making a matching mini storage box is brilliant! (must make one soon!) ❤️

Support Your Local Craft Shop 🙂

Until next week, we wish you happy scrapping! 

❤️ Love, hugs, and washi tape,
Kathy & Sarah
(The crazy mother/ daughter behind Scrapbooking Daily)

PS. So put your hands up!! 😉

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