(Video) Using Watercolor Pencils

Using a pack of 13 colors, this video gives you wonderful cards that were made with them.

Great shading and highlighting hacks given for images. You see how a brush pen makes it simple to blend.

Make sure to stamp your image with archival ink so it won’t run!


Don’t think you have to buy Stamping Up watercolors. If you have some at home, go ahead and begin with those.

It is so easy to make your images pop with easy-to-do shading and highlights. Watercolor pencils make it easy to give a beautiful art look to any of your cards.

Or use these for your pocket page scrapbooks and insert them into the pockets.

Or take a full sized sheet of scrapbook paper and give a wash of color to it, similar to the rain image except on a larger surface.

This really gives your images a lot of pop and keeps them from becoming so “flat” looking.

Using watercolor pencils makes it easy to experiment and have fun without being intimidating.

If you really get into this technique, Prisma Color makes an awesome pack of watercolor pencils, from 12 to up to 36! Lot’s of shading opportunities with the bigger packs.

So, grab some watercolor pencils, a small jar of water, a brush or use the brush pen and enjoy!

Team Scrapbooking Daily