Washi Tape Wonders

Washi tape and binder clips colide!

Washi Tape.  Nobody knew what washi tape was a few years ago. Now there are blog posts galore all about the wonders of washi tape.

And it is very versatile. Washi tape has been stuck on, covered and placed on so many things, it’s surprising the White House hasn’t been covered in washi tape.  Maybe Air Force One will be sporting washi tape wing tips one of these days…. you never know…. it could happen.

Washi tape binder clips

Anyway, washi tape and mini clips are just made for each other. Boring black and no style whatsoever, washi tape turns these into fashion statements.

Perfect for holding your photos in place ( you can get little bitty ones… they’re so cute), clipping your papers together, holding everything in place in a folder, or countless other things.

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Love this!

Happy Washi taping!

Team Scrapbook Daily


Photo source:Artsyville